New Course Opening


Australia’s finest comedian and a golf tragic Paul Martell opened proceedings of the Beverley Park Naturalised Channel and subsequent opening of the new look par 70 layout for Beverley Park Golf Course by welcoming a long list of dignitaries last Saturday.

The Federal Treasurer, Hon Scott Morrison, Hon Linda Burney, Federal Member for Barton, Mark Coure MP – State Member for Oatley and representing the Minister for Environment, Minister for Heritage the Hon Mark Speakman, Ms Gail Connolly – General Manager of Georges River Council joined with other local dignitaries as well as over 250 players and representatives of Beverley Park Golf Club, Permanent Social Clubs, local residents and golfing media to the opening of the new course.

A plaque commemoration the 75th year anniversary of the club was unveiled by husband and wife club members of 63 years and long standing residents Bruce and Judy Apitz, along with Club President Frank Bates and Captain Warren Emmerick.

This was followed by the unveiling of a second plaque by the Federal Treasurer, Scott Morrison, Mark Coure MP, Gail Connolly and Club President Frank Bates signifying the opening of the Beverley Park Naturalisation Channel.

img_3264The Federal Treasurer praised the work undertaken by Council and the efforts of the club’s officials.  He said “The Commonwealth is very pleased to have contributed $286,000 to this stage of the project.  Clubs like this are the fabric of our community, they are the facilities that support our community, and to the entire team here I want to congratulate you.”

Mark Coure, representing Hon Mark Speakman, praised the work of the former Kogarah City Council to achieve such a significant outcome, not just for the golfers but also for the residents.  Mr Coure said “It is a great course, with a great history.  It’s been here for 75 years and it will be here for at least another 75 more.  The State Government is pleased to have helped with around $900,000.”

The new Georges River Council General Manager Gail Connolly said the aim of the project was to enhance the natural beauty of the Golf Course while providing a practical and sustainable solution to the management of water flowing through img_3268the area.  Gail said “It’s wonderful that the State and Federal governments have seen the value in these projects.”

President Frank Bates in responding remarked that the day marked a significant milestone in the history of and continued development of Beverley Park Golf Club, a major asset of the recently formed Georges River Council and the Community

Mr Bates said “In the Club’s 75 years, there has never been such a transformation of the course, like we have seen during the past 11 months as a result of the Beverley Park Channel project. The Federal, State and Local Governments have combined to provide funds for a channel to address flood mitigation in the precinct and providing features through 30% of the course that has resulted in the transformation of 6 holes, including 3 new greens and tees and environmentally it had provided a new habitat for the increased bird life.”

Bates said “the club had a significant financial loss during the project period from November 2015 to now and praised the Board of Directors and all staff who have guided and worked the Club through incredible financial stress during the Project, I am lost for words in praising your resilience and professionalism”.  He praised the members, permanent social clubs and sponsors of the Club who contribute 75% of the funds to keep the PARk operational day in day out. Thank you for your loyalty through the past year.

The Club President also acknowledge the support of Michael Rachid from United Stone of Bexley who generously donated the two magnificent plinths for the plaques at a cost of $6,400 and singled out the ongoing efforts of the Club Captain Warren Emmerick and the Club’s and Project Superintendent Daniel Metcalfe and his course staff for the presentation of the new layout designed by James Wilcher from Golf by Design

Whilst today signifies the opening of the new course and the completion of this project, there are other major course projects on the horizon including a perimeter fence and an increase in storm and recycled water storage.  To complete these projects we will pursue the Federal, State and Local Government for future assistance and funding as the Club continues to enhance this Community asset.

Mr Bates then called on Club Captain to step up to the 1st Tee and hit the Ceremonial Ball to signify the opening of the course.

Club Captain and Life Member Warren Emmerick hit his tee shot down the centre of the new 1st fairway as fireworks simultaneously ignited both sides of the teeing area and fairway.

Bates then advised that Beverley Park Golf Club’s PAR 70 Course is back in business.

President Frank Bates then hit the first competition ball along with fireworks with a different result, being the first member to find one of the large ponds.

112 Members and Invited Guests participated in a 4 Ball teams Stableford event that was started by a canon blast from the pyrotechnics and there were some very good team and individual scores recorded.

Impressive rounds were played by Rob Gallagher off 3 handicap had a round of 71, Club Professional Greg Green shot a 3 under 67 and in B grade Travis Bates off a handicap of 15 and C Grader Rod Wilson off 26 had 41 points each.


Team Winners:  Paul Martell, Dan Siely, Travis Bates and Club Professional Greg Green 128pts

Team Runners up: Mark Anderson, Sean Geraghty, Danny Gibson and Paul Geraghty 124 pts

Individual Winners:

A Grade: Elias Koukos             39 pts              Scratch: Rob Gallagher           35pts

B Grade: Travis Bates             41 pts              Scratch: Brian Bickley             22 pts c/b

C Grade: Rod Wilson              41 pts              Scratch: David Mullins                        16 pts

Ladies: Simone Golick                        33 pts              Scratch: Jo Banning                16 pts