Thursday Night Trivia

Yes everyone, Thursday Night Trivia is back!

Starts at   7pm

Fun for the whole family

InnQUIZitive Trivia events at Beverley Park Golf Club are completely free to play and are fun for the whole family. Score yourself and your team some fantastic prizes and dazzle everyone in the room with your extensive Trivia knowledge.

A huge range of exciting questions

We offer tonnes of great multiple choice questions delivered via an eye catching audio visual format. With our huge range of questions there is guaranteed to be something for everyone! Get a team together who know their pop culture, sport, history and music, to name just a few. No questions read off a sheet of paper either. Watch great vids, listen to songs and enjoy our audio visual spectacular. We hope to see you soon. We plan to show you a great trivia night.

CLICK here to be transported to InnQUIZitive’s Facebook page for your 3 weekly cryptic clues that could give you the advantage you need to score one of the fantastic prizes on offer!  Clues are published every Tuesday for our Thursday Night Trivia.

Hope to see you at the PARk on Thursday Nights